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“I was cooking French toast coated with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.  As I was moving the toast from the pan to the plate, some of the heated cinnamon sugar mixture turned into a molten liquid and coated my left thumb and my pinky finger. 

I felt an immediate burn and attempted to wipe of the coating, with no success.  I immediately ran it under cold water.  The pain level was an 8 out of 10 with a constant throbbing and burning sensation. 

I remembered that I had some burn cream that you gave me not too long ago.  As soon as I applied it, I felt some immediate relief.  

I made sure that I followed the directions exactly by applying a large amount of the cream directly on the blister and surrounding area.  

As I continued to apply the burn cream every few hours throughout the day the pain continued to subside and I noticed it getting dry around the affected area.  

I followed that application schedule for the first 3 days.  The throbbing and soreness was significantly better by day 2.  

 It's now been 3 weeks and there are no signs of scaring or skin discoloration to either the pinky nor the thumb."



"I'm a 64 year old man in excellent health.  I was grilling and accidentally spattered hot grease and charcoal on my leg.  

I immediately put my leg in the pool to stop the burning.   

I lost some skin and had burns in over 2 dozen areas.  

I cleaned the affected areas and applied the burn medicine to help soothe the pain."   I got instant relief.  The blisters started to appear within a few hours. 

I continued to use the burn cream every 2-3 hours for the first week.  The blisters were down in lesss than 3 days.  I saw significant improvement and felt no pain. I will continue using the cream to help prevent scarring."



Here are a before and after picture where I had Moh's surgery on my forehead. 

I used your solution and am very pleased that the scar is almost gone.  I use it 3 times a day and could not be happier with the results.

Thank you again

P.S.  I highly recommend using this product.


"My burn is doing so much better since I've started using your burn cream. Thank You"

"My burn is doing so much better since I've started using your burn cream. Thank You"


Day 1


Jyll Day 2






"While cooking, I burned myself pretty badly when some hot grease splattered on my arm.   I immediately applied the ointment that you gave to me last time I burned myself.  

I had a second-degree burn in a few spots where the skin was virtually gone.  My arm was really tender,  however, once I applied your ointment, the pain started to subside.  

I reapplied it two more times before bed.  In the morning the pain was gone and I already saw a huge improvement from the day before. 

Within a week’s time, the blisters were gone and the redness was significantly improved.



"While I was moving old cans of paint thinner & acetone plus some other containers in my garage,  I touched my face and immediately felt it burning.  Some of the containers were leaking. 

I immediately washed my face with a cold water to sooth the pain.  I then applied the brown medicine that I had to my face.  In a few minutes the affected area stopped hurting. 

I continued using the medicine, taking pictures of my healing progress along the way. The medicine was amazing.   I couldn't believe there were no scars afterwards.   

Thank You"



 "After I fell off my bike with injuries that were serious enough to land me in the hospital, I began using your gel. 

I applied the gel to my face, arm, knee and shoulder.  I noticed improvement within the 

first two days. 

I believe the gel significantly helped shorten

the healing time with less scarring. "



Here are some pics of the healing effects of Aloemaxx over an 8-day period.   I really like this product, very effective.   I could see the scab getting smaller each day.. 

Thanks for letting me try the product. Excellent!

Mike B.



 "I was swimming in our pool when I felt something sting me.  Almost immediately, my leg became red and swollen and the pain was almost unbearable.  The area was extremely sore to the touch. 

I remembered that you gave me some of your brown ointment so I tried it.   Crazy as it sounds, the swelling went down and pain subsided within minutes. 

The next morning I reapplied it and within an hour, the  pain was gone, the redness was mild at best and the swelling went way down.  Even the itching subsided which was probably the most difficult part to control.  

Please send me more of that ointment.  It’s a miracle product."



"I was helping my mom move a huge load of trash to the dumpster when the lid fell and hit me in the face. 

My mom happened to have some of your brown ointment so I immediately applied it. Within 30 minutes I was not feeling any more pain.  

Below are pictures, beginning on day 1 and ending on day 6.  I couldn’t believe it. 

I had an event to go to one week later and my injury was almost gone. 

I need to keep some of your product at my home always.”


"Last week I sliced my finger when shredding a block of cheese.  The shredder was brand new and the blade was very sharp.  

The top layer of my skin was cut off. The wound bled for over an hour.

While waiting for the bleeding to stop,  I immediately applied some of your brown medicine on the cut.  re-applying it several times during the hour.  Then I put a bandaid on it.  

Six hours later, I took the bandaid off.  CHECK OUT THE PICS….UNBELIEVABLE!  It already had a scab on it.  

If it didn't happen to me I wouldn't have believed it.  Thank you so much!"



"Last week I spilled some acid-based cleaner on my arm.  The burn was very red and when the pain subsided, it became extremely itchy.  

I remembered that I had a container of your brown salve from a few months back.  I used your medicine 3 times a day for a week...  Look at this picture!  Incredible.  Just one more thing that proves that your product is amazing!"



“I burned my arm pretty bad with a curling iron.  I used your product on the burn every day for one week and watched it disappear. 

I took pictures every day for five days to document the progress.  I was really worried about having a scar, but after using your product, there is no scar and no trace of the burn.”



"I am probably your best customer by now. 

Last night's episode started with me at the barbecue. I  attempted to clean the grill....lid was down, heat turned up to high.

I lifted the lid but didn’t see a flame. So I hit the gas button again. A ball of fire came at me.
I singed the ends of my eyelashes, my eyebrows, my bangs and some of my hair up to the roots all of the hair on my right arm.

I immediately went to my
cabinet and poured Aloemax all over my arm and face.  

I even put some on my hair and eyebrow, somehow hoping to repair the ends.

Remembering that you asked me to take pics of ny last incident so we could watch the hearling progress,  I snapped a few photos before applying the burn cream.  LOoking at pics that I took over the next few days is astounding.  

And by the way......within an hour of applying the burn cream, the pain totlly subsided.  

Again, I'm amazed that your cream works better than anything I've ever used.  Your product is nothing short of a miracle. You should change the name to Miracle Burn cream.

I have burned myself so many times, I wouldn be without Aloemax in my cabinet. I have no scars from the many times I burned myself, because the product was there!
I hope you can share the story with others, it has made a huge difference for me"


I recently underwent radiation therapy for breast cancer.  

My oncologist highly recommended using  Aquaphor cream to treat radiation burns associated with the treatments.  


I did not find relief from the Aquaphor so I started using Aloemaxx All Natural Burn Care twice a day,  alternating with your 

Aloemaxx CBD Oil.  

The relief from the burning and itching was immediate.  

The radiation burns healed completely within 

one and a half weeks.  

Great products! 

I have also used the Aloemaxx Wound Care products in the past on open cuts with immediate healing results.  

I highly recommend these products!


 “My dog had a bleeding, ulcerated cyst on her abdomen, about the size of a quarter. We applied your salve three times a day for ten days, and it completely dried up and disappeared. I can’t imagine what it would have cost at the vet to have it removed. This salve is amazing.”



Additional Information

"While cooking I accidentally sliced my finger while opening a can.   

I immediately applied some of your wound care medicine that you gave me to the cut.  

Look at the difference from Day1 to Day 5.  I couldn't believe it.  

You were right when you said...


Thank You Again.